Deluxe No-Idle Cab Heating System

Prod T2500

AUTOTHERM® T-2500D (12 volt) and T-2524D (24 volt) Deluxe No-Idle Cab Heating System

The  Deluxe series offers the whole package!

Automatic-on when ignition is “off”.

Heats the same in a given set of circumstances.

Provides warm weather AutoVent® and Controlled Engine Cool Down.

Turns off automatically when the coolant drops to 95°F and has low voltage sensing with automatic shut down.

AUTOTHERM® T-2500D & T-2524D  Deluxe No-Idle Cab Heating System Features:

  • Cab Heating
  • AutoVent® – cab ventilation
  • Automatic Termination
  • Battery Voltage Sensing and Low Voltage Signaling 24/7
  • Hour meter for fleet administration of no-idling and fuel conservation programs
  • Accessory Power – the ability to operate low power draw accessories when the ignition is off and ONLY while the Autotherm® System is functioning. When the System terminates operation due to the coolant dropping below 95°F or manual termination at the on/off switch all accessory functions are also turned off. The A/C cutoff and the C.O.E harness can be added with an extra charge for those options.

To order the Deluxe No-Idle Cab Heating System locate a local representative or call 847-726-1717

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