Accessories & Kits

Hour Meter/Harness

Hour Meter/Harness (3E139T)
This kit provides “hours used” information for no-idle management. It is included in the Deluxe Model.

Accessory Power Harness

Accessory Power Harness (2/3E146T)
This kit allows you to run a low power draw accessory while the ignition is Off and Autotherm® is functioning. It is included in the Deluxe Model.

A/C Cutoff Kit

Retrofit Kits – A/C Cutoff (2/3E142T)
This kit disconnects the A/C clutch in some vehicles (usually older model Fords, Sterlings, etc.) where the A/C is automatically actuated when the mode selector is moved to any position other than heat, i.e. defrost

Cab Over Engine (coe) Harness

Cab Over Engine C.O.E Harness (1E033)
This kit provides an extended harness for use in interconnecting the System when the vehicle has a Cab Over Engine design feature.

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